immersive 360o

Your SPACE captured in 100% Interactive VR.

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Our virtual tours are 100% interactive

Here at Spacion, we are committed to providing an exceptional service, one that is tailored to your own specific requirements.
Using our state of the art 3D cameras, we will create a fully immersive tour of your space within 48hours.

Ready to view online by anyone, anywhere, anytime.

Using our smart technology to change the way you see things.

The possibilities are endless…

User Features

  • Easy to Share and collaborate
  • Intuitive 3D navigation
  • Virtual Reality enabled
  • Tablet and Mobile phone friendly
  • High quality 4K photographs

Technical Features

  • 2D Floor Plans automatically generated
  • Accurate to around 99%
  • Items and content can be tagged
  • Coloured point cloud
  • Hosted securely in the cloud