Residential Properties

In a competitive market place, having a USP makes all the difference.

Spacion will make your property stand out by allowing potential buyers the opportunity to fully tour your client’s home without having to leave theirs.

With our everyday lives becoming ever increasingly busy, no-one wants to waste precious time viewing properties that might not be suitable. Our fully immersive tours will allow clients to ‘virtually’ walk around your client’s home, giving a real sense of room layout and size. Perhaps buyers have already looked around your property but would like a second viewing. By having our survey linked to your property details they are able to revisit anytime they wish without the need to reschedule another booking. As part our service we can provide automated floor plans, ready for publishing, without the need for an extra survey.

The tour will allow for any photo to be downloaded in high 4K resolution for brochure and online marketing.

The resulting 3D showcase is perfect for far away or oversea clients who don’t have time to visit multiple locations when selecting properties. We can help them eliminate unsuitable properties saving them precious time.